Rent out your motorhome and make some extra money!

Camper rental

How does it work?

1 - The owner rents out his car without any charges. He informs himself about the availability of his vehicle and the rental rates.         

2 - The renter searches the motorhome of his choice. He sends a non-binding booking request to the owner, who is instantly notified by email and sms.

3 - The owner has 48 hours to choose freely to accept or deny the booking request. The traveler is warned immediately of the decision of the owner by email and SMS.         

4 - After acceptance of the owner, the traveler pays the rental through an online secured payment service on our website.

5 - On the departure day, the traveler meets the owner. He gives them the deposit cheque and they sign the inventory of fixtures and the rental contract together.         

6 - The owner will receive his payment by bank transfer .

7 - On the return date, the renter returns the keys. Both parties complete the the inventory of fixtures together, then give each other reviews on the website.

More information:

The idea has grown in the mind of Benoît Panel, graduated from l’ESCEM in 2001 and passionate about touring holidays . In 2011, he does some research on hiring a motorhome to discover the United-Kingdom with his family, but does not find anything relevant : The offers come mainly from hire companies with expansive rates. He then has the idea , under the pattern of the collaborative consumption , to put at disposal a private motorhome hire service that provides ease of use, togetherness and reliability.

He is joined by Adrien Pinson, graduated from l’INSA Lyon in 2011, IT department, which will bring him his technical knowledge. At the age of 18, he had already created his online role-playing game gathering 3000 members and 300 daily players. since its humble beginnings, acts to promote the values of the sharing economy . The priorities are the safety of the renters in terms of insurance and support all along their trip. 

After 3 years of existence, JeLoueMonCampingCar encounters an growing success : Leader of their market in less than a year of activity, the website has now more than 1900 vehicles available and has launched the service in several countries in Europe including the United Kingdom.


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