Rent your self storage space for individuals


How does it work?

I have a storage space

I place a listing

SIMPLE, FAST AND FREE, let guide yourself and do not hesitate to contact us for any questions about the rental of a space. Our announcement form is made to describe precisely your storage space.

I consult the requests

Once registered, you can review the requests you receive on your email address. Take time to talk with your prospective tenants before to commit yourself.

I chose a tenant

You have 72 hours to accept the rental application. To validate, click "Accept the request". We will then provide the address of your host and you can both set the lease details.

I receive my money

Once you have accepted the transaction, the agreed amount will be paid a few days later to your PayPal account, less any service fees of TwiZimo.

I receive the property

You will just have to wait at home for the tenant property at the time you have agreed. Allow some time for the move. And do not forget to sign the contract that will be sent to you by TwiZimo.

I am looking for a storage space

I check the storage space deals

Moving? Too many boxes at home? A need for storage? One more room ? Looking for a cheap storage space, a locker, a storage, a garage? The price of a self-storage can be up to 50% cheaper with TwiZimo.

I reserve a storage space

You found the storage space you need ? Book it online 3 days before the beginning of the rental. For additional information about the space, you can reach the host through our instant messaging.

I pay online

To confirm your reservation, you must make an online payment on TwiZimo website. NOTICE THAT YOU WILL BE CHARGED ONLY IF YOUR HOST ACCEPT THE LEASE OFFER.

I place my property

Having agreed beforehand to fix an appointment, you can file your goods in storage space, locker, the storage or garage.

I leave a comment

Following the experience, leave a comment: this allows to the community to know more about your host. You have comments to share regarding TwiZimo, let us know via email That will give us the opportunity to improve the service.

More information:

Why TwiZimo? Because the storage space rental, it is expensive. Right now, rent a storage to a professional, it is really expensive. For this TwiZimo wants to change the traditional view of storage and facilitate the storage space rental between individuals. Close-by and flexibility, that's why TwiZimo has been created.

In few words, TwiZimo, what is it? TwiZimo, it is the service to make your life easier. The platform is 100% secured whether for payment or communication that is established between the host and tenant of storage space. But to go further, TwiZimo offers a complete protection:

For the tenant, a guarantee for its goods, and, if the host withdraws at the last minute, a relocation package

For the host, if the tenant does not pay, we support the removal of his goods and we allocate a compensation for the unpaid rent


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