The extra dish

Delicious home cooked food at your doorstep

Home cooking

How does it work?

Our model is a bit different, but works just as easy as your normal takeout. 
Either looking for dishes for dinner time at home or lunch in the office, you can discover great home cooks in your area and order their amazing food.
The only catch? Order in advance. You can order with minimum 5 hours ahead of the delivery so that our cooks have time to buy fresh ingredients and cook the dishes right before they’re delivered to you.
Interested? We’re active now in Mile End, Clapham and [insert 3rd area]. Register and rediscover amazing food.

More information:

Where are you 
Tell us where you are so we match you with the closest dishes 

What’s cooking
See what’s available in your area and order in advance (even a few days before, if you want) 

The bill please
Good food + reasonable prices = everyone’s happy 

Freshly cooked, at your doorstep
Our home cooks will prepare it just before delivery time so it’s nice and warm


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