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How does it work?

Post your subletting's listing for holidays 
You can publish your listing for free and manage your prices, availabilities and info as you see fit. You're the boss! 
Travel better with your subletting for holidays 
Gone are the days of overpriced and uncomfortable hotels. Sejourning is your solution for affordable, quality stays in real apartments. 

Live at a local's place (without the local)!
A loft at the heart of Lyon or a houseboat in Paris, a house in La Baule or an apartment on the Cannes croisette? Take advantage of Sejourning's offerings and stay in unique and authentic spaces in lively and charming places. 
Earn money while on holiday 
Let your apartment work for you when you're away. By renting while you're out of town, you'll receive payments directly via direct deposit to your bank account, or to wherever you wish.

More information: offers a great way of finding homes away from home to cater to every taste. It is simple and esay to use and you can also list your own home in order to supplement your costs while away travelling


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