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Simply select the desired working place type and/or the city name or address. As you browse through our vast and unbeatable selection of spaces, use filters to help find the space that best suits your needs. You can easily sort the search results by Price, Relevance and Owners Rating or filtering them by Price, Location etc

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Each Working space description should answer many common questions, but feel free to contact as many owners as you'd like to ask any specific questions you might have. Once you've found the perfect working space for you, pick the desired dates, and review the price for the selected timeframe. If everything looks great, simply click on the Book It' button and Reserve the space - all through Rentse's trusted payment services.


After completing the booking process, the owner will review and confirm your request. Owners has 24 hours to give an official confirmation, and they often respond faster. If the request is accepted, you can print your confirmation. If your request is rejected, never mind! you can order from a different owner. Once the owner has accepted your request, the working space will be reserved for your use. Make sure you coordinate with the owner (through the site) a specific “check in” time. We will follow up on the day of the booking to make sure that you enjoyed your experience and that everything is running as smooth as possible.

More information:

Founded in April of 2014 and based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Rentse is a short-term rental platform for businesses and individuals to list, discover and book flexible working places (Workplace-as-a-service) and meet, mingle, and network with innovative companies, professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs, that share the same desire for co-working. Rentse enables its users with the opportunity to shift from “home alone” mode to co-working mode and to take their business to the next level for a fraction of the cost of traditional office space. A spare room or table in a home office, under-used office space, meeting room, an open space work station, hot-desk - all can be share and rent.


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