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Home rental

How does it work?

Search & Request 
Guests search and choose the homestay they like 
Messaging & Video Call 
Guests contact you about availability before booking 

Booking & Deposit
Once you accept, the guest books and pays 15% deposit to 

SMS & Email
You receive a booking confirmation via email and SMS 

Payment on arrival
The guest pays the balance of 85% to you on arrival or in advance by arrangement

More information:

What is is an accommodation marketplace dedicated to offering an unforgettable travel experience. We connect guests to local hosts in over 150 countries. Our hosts are at the heart of a homestay, offering the chance to live and breathe the local culture, to make friends as well as memories and to explore destinations in a truly authentic way. Homestay hosts can enjoy the fulfilment of being a part of their guest’s new adventures and make some money by renting out their extra space.
Our Vision
Our goal is to build a global homestays booking platform with a community of hosts and guests from around the world, partnering with established homestay industry providers where plausible.
We aspire to provide authentic travel experiences, staying with locals in their homes, who ideally share similar interests with their guests.
Our Story
Launched in 2013, we are a Dublin-based, start-up company founded by a highly experienced team. was started by Tom Kennedy and Debbie Flynn, who together saw an opportunity to take an offline industry online and bring homestays from the education travel sector into mainstream leisure travel.
On, anyone can book a homestay including tourists, leisure travellers, students, interns, people relocating for work or those who simply want to experience local culture and meet local people when they travel.


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