Rent out your vehicle to make extra money without efforts!

Car rental

How does it work?

List your car

Input your price, availability and conditions to easily publish your listing! It is online within seconds and for free. Drivers will then be able to contact you directly and you'll get to choose the people and time slots suiting you.

Our rental check-list is the key to a hassle-free process. Just print the pre-filled rental agreement and do a walk-around car inspection with the driver.

We've got you covered!

Drivy provides insurance for every rental. 

Accidents, theft (including by the driver), civil liability, 24/7 breakdown service. Your insurance bonus is not affected in case of accident, and no formalities need to be completed. 

Safety first

He who breaks pays. We charge the driver if they don't give you the car back in its initial condition. In case of a traffic ticket, the rental agreement provides proof of the driver's liability. You will not get any penalty points nor fines.

What about money?

Listing your car is free. You get 70% of your rental earnings via a bank transfer. The remainder covers the insurance and website costs.

More information:

Car owners can list their car for free, so that their car pays for itself.

As Drivy cars are progressively poping up at every street corner, it offers people without a car the best alternative to car ownership : cheap rental prices, and even most important the convenience of finding a car within walking distance of their home.

We form a community of neighbours and travelers who like using resources in a smarter way, and value more service than ownership.

Drivy belongs to the sharing economy movement, amidst other services like Airbnb and Blablacar. We’re convinced that this decentralized economy to share goods and services is plainly more efficient, as it reduces wasting of ressources, which in turn can provide economic, environmental and social good.


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Time to invest

Few hours a Month

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