Delivery sharing economy platform


How does it work?

How to bring and make money?
1. Contact task sender
Find out interesting tasks that you may help.
Send your offer and wait for the reply.

2. Confirm the delivery
Set up an agreement with the sender.
Confirm the detail of the delivery.

3. Make delivery and get paid
Pick up the item and make the delivery with carefulness.
Get paid and have a nice disscussion.

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More information:

Bring4You is a peer-to-peer delivery platform connecting people who need to send something and travellers going that way. Founded on June 15st, 2015, Bring4You offers a worldwide service and is shaping our future life.  
No matter you want to send a book, a chair or whatever you want, Bring4You connects you with travellers who have a spare room in their bags, suitcases or cars and are ready to help. By creating a trusty community, Bring4You breaks down the barriers between unknowns and creates a convenient, fast and safe transportation service.


User friendly

Potential income or savings



Insurance included

No insurance

Pricing politic

Fixed by User



Time to invest

Few hours a Month

Platform available in

France United kingdom Ireland

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