First Boat accommodation rental platform with insurance

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How does it work?

1.Join the Boaters Community freely 
2.Publish your rental ad freely 
3.Manage your calendar and choose your tenants 
4.Welcome your tenants and receive the payment safely 
5.Assess yout tenants to share your experience with the community

More information:

Why go Boatyng? 
You want to live an unforgeattable experience ?  
You have a boat but it costs you too much because of the ownership ? 
You have always dreamed to buy a boat but you are financialy limited ? 
You will love to do Boatyng  
We are the first website that both allows owners to offset peacefully their Boaty permitting to the tenants to live an unforgettable experience.


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Insurance included

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Pricing politic

Fixed by User


13 %

Time to invest

Few hours a Month

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