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How does it work?

Millions of people search online for private teachers every day. Every year, hundreds of thousands of new students and parents come to the Apprentus website to find a teacher. 
Students will be able to find you in search results and will message you directly through Apprentus to ask you questions about you and your class, as well as confirm availability. You'll be notified via email.
Use this opportunity to ask questions and get comfortable with your potential students. No personal information will be exchanged until after a reservation is accepted. We ask that you reply the new student within 48 hours.
If you like, you will be notified via SMS.
You never have to accept a booking unless you're 100% confident.
Good communication is key to being a successful teacher. You might want to ask question like what is the purpose of the class and you can always request that prospective students connect with Facebook in case you need additional peace of mind.

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Book New Students 

When you receive a reservation request, you have 48 hours to accept or decline the request or it will expire.
You're always in control of who books your class. We encourage you to reply to every request, even if just to decline it, as expired requests will negatively affect your search results.
It's free for the teachers to list and to sell classes on Apprentus.
Depending on the location and category of the class, we may add a variable fee on top of the amount the teacher charges which lets Apprentus provide services like our Good-Fit Guarantee and customer support.
When a reservation is paid directly via on-line payment and accepted by the teacher, we immediately charge the student for the full cost of the reservation, but we hold on to the money until 24 hours after their lesson date.
When a reservation is paid by cash to the teacher, we ask the teacher to refund to Apprentus the fee they collected from the student.


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